welcome home

We are a beloved family of born-again worshippers of Jesus Christ. Guided by God's word and the Holy Spirit, we are helping each other grow as image bearers of Christ in the world.


The Lord has secured it in the hearts and minds of your pastors that it is time to gather the saints. We will be getting together IN PERSON for worship on August 16th! Every member and guest of Faith Memorial should feel no pressure whatsoever to return on August 16th, and should prayerfully decide their preferred date of return. The English worship service will be at 11am. The Spanish worship service will be at 9:30am. These worship services will still be available via livestream on Facebook Live for those of us who will continue to worship at home. All other ministry activities will continue to be postponed or operate remotely. Once the worship service has been carefully executed and observed, a report will be made concerning other activities. 

Social distance restrictions for the gathered service include:

  • Seniors 65+ and others with high-risk conditions should pray and consult their families before coming. If you decide to come, you will be warmly welcomed!
  • People with coronavirus symptoms must stay at home. Do not risk others' safety.
  • Masks are required. Bring one and wear it. If you don't have one, we will provide it.
  • There will be no nursery or Faith Kids. Families will sit together in the service.
  • There will be no Sunday school. 
  • Six foot distancing will be practiced and we will avoid physical contact. Seating will be arranged accordingly with limited capacity.
  • Every attendee will be informed of the restrictions upon entry.
  • Your name and a contact number will be recorded at the door.
  • The facilities will be cleaned and sanitized for your arrival. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up in multiple locations. 

Your Part:

  1. Spread the word. Can you please help us get the word out? Call some folks.
  2. Share your thoughts. Is there any idea or concern you would like the church to consider as we begin to safely gather again? Your input is very helpful!
  3. Help us out. Can you please contact the church if you are willing to volunteer during the relaunch? It's easy to help, and we need you. Call or Text a leader.
  4. Please pray for our church! We all know that there are no risk-free paths in life, but we trust that God will keep us safe, and will free our minds from fear and anxiety. Pray for our leaders! Pray for every individual and family in our church. Pray for unity and not division! Ask the Lord to give us wisdom, protection, and peace during this process.

See you soon!