By joining our church, you are committing through a covenant agreement to practice these six core values in your own personal life. STONES means that as members of this church we will:

Share the Gospel by living a holy lifestyle, embodying Christ's love, and telling the story to others.

Teach the Word of God through Scripture-based songs, sermons, and study.

Offer Our Worship to God through passionate, Spirit-led songs, art, service, and generous giving.

Nurture Real Relationships with love, laughter, honesty, accountability, and encouragement.

Engage All Cultures by incorporating the diverse expressions of worship present in our faith family.

Serve others through sacrificial labor to humble us, exalt Christ, and open doors for the Gospel.

Talk to Pastor Andrew or any of our leaders about joining this Sunday!


Rows, Circles, and Stacks are three ways every member of our church can consistently practice STONES. These are gatherings that allow us to experience every part of the abundant life Jesus desires for us. Rows are corporate gatherings, Circles are small group settings, and Stacks are a few close friendships every believer should have in their life. Don't get lost in the crowd!